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Spacious helps you find listings fast and easily!
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About Serviced Apartments

What is Serviced Apartment: Originated in Europe, Serviced Apartment was a business provided by the locals in the tourist area for them to rest and was usually managed by special management companies. Serviced Apartment does not only provide convenient services as hotels, but also serves as a temporary home for the people.

Target Customers: International or local businessmen, people with long-stay needs, people with homes under renovations, tourists with long staying periods, busy individuals who have limited time for housework etc.

Rental Time and Fees: Available for monthly or annual rate, varies in different Serviced Apartments. Rental fees include services provided, telephone and Internet charge (varied in different apartments).

Amenities: Most Serviced Apartments are equipped with furniture, basic kitchenette, air-conditioning, TV and other entertainment devices, telephone line etc in each room. Residents could access private swimming pool, gymnasium, car park and business center of the Serviced Apartments.

Services: Most Serviced Apartments provide basic hotel services, such as housekeeping, cleaning, laundry, Internet access. Some also provide babysitting, maid services, pick-up service from and to the airport and other personalized services.

Safety: Most Serviced Apartments are equipped with 24 hours security, CCTV surveillance cameras, and electronic access to each entrance, floor and the room, providing residents a reliable and safe living environment.

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