The holidays may be a busy season, but that’s no excuse to forget about getting your home into the holiday spirit. Christmas decorations are the perfect way to give your space a bit of festive flair sure to impress your holiday guests. Check out our Christmas home decor ideas so you can add the finishing holiday touches to your home.


  1. LED Christmas Trees
Outdoor Woven LED
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Forgo the traditional tree and opt for a set of LED Christmas trees to brighten your space. LED lights work great indoors and outdoors. This will be sure to give your Christmas decoration a fresh, updated look.

  1. Wreath of Ornaments
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While everyone will else will have traditional evergreen wreaths hanging on their doors, yours will definitely stand out if you opt for a wreath made of ornaments. This fresh spin is exactly what you need to keep your home decor on trend.

  1. Go Garland
Go Garland
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If you’re unsure how to decorate an already crowded space, opt for a classic garland. Wrap it around the mantle of a fireplace or on a window ledge, or even hang it on the walls if you’re feeling adventurous. This will give you space a natural, simple decorative touch without competing for attention with other decor pieces  in the room.

  1. Use Shelving
Stage a holiday 'shelfie'
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You’ve probably collected some Christmas-themed knick knacks over the years, but it can be tricky knowing how to display them. Take advantage of bare shelving space by adding small Christmas decor items, helping to keep your holiday home decor all about the details.

  1. Spell it Out
Christmas Tree
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A new trend in Christmas trees this year has been using garland and ornaments to spell out personalized phrases on your tree. Whether you want to wish guests “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”, using your tree to greet guests will surely make your Christmas tree a decor focal point.

  1. Hanging Ornaments
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Ornaments aren’t just for the tree! If you feel like a certain area is lacking in the holiday decor department, consider sprucing things up by hanging ornaments, to give it an effortless festive vibe. You can tie ornaments from a chandelier, a curtain rack, or even a tall lamp.

  1. Festive Placemats
Festive Placemats
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When you’re hosting a family dinner, guests are going to be spending a lot of time at the table. That’s why you should opt for placemats that keep the Christmas decor theme going well into everyone’s second helping of leftovers. Placemats in a classic red or green hue will give a simple festive touch, while faux evergreen placemats would surely be the talk of the meal.

  1. Festive Foliage
Festive Foliage
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Simply because it isn’t summer doesn’t mean you have to pass on flowers and other floral decor. Consider adding some festive foliage to your home. Replace bright flowers with red or green ones and sticks of evergreen in vases you can keep out all year long, so your home can look like a winter wonderland.

  1. Mini Christmas Trees
Small Christmas Trees
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It’s easy to forget about the outside of your home when doing holiday decorating. Give your curb some simply Christmas appeal by opting for a mini Christmas tree. A tiny tree (or two) will be great for the holiday season, and will also continue to make your yard fresh well into the New Year since evergreens never go out of season.

  1. Personalized Stockings
Personalized Stockings
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Make sure no one confuses each other’s stockings by making them personalized with everyone’s names. This will give your holiday decor a personal touch, reminding you and your guests that the holidays are about spending time with your family, not just about putting up a sparkling tree.

  1. Ombre Christmas Tree
Ombre Christmas Tree
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Take a decor risk with this on-trend tree. Embrace the ombre trend by going for a tree that is less than traditional, but combines unexpected colours with an even more unexpected fade-out detail. Your tree will be all the talk at your annual holiday dinner.

  1. Colour Scheme
Colour Scheme
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One of the most important things about getting your space holiday-ready is picking a colour scheme and sticking to it. You can choose to go with a traditional green, red or white theme, or dare to be bold with an unexpected colour combination. This will ensure all your decorations flows and looks like it belongs together, rather than it looking overcrowded and busy. We promise this will make completing your decorating will be ten times easier!

  1. Christmas Candles
Christmas Candles
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Not only will a few Christmas candles add some festive flair to your space, but they’ll ensure that it smells like Santa’s workshop, too. Pick out candles in holiday-themed scents that will fill your space, like cinnamon, peppermint, or evergreen. You’ll never want to stop burning these candles, even when springtime arrives.


  1. Wreath Your Chairs
Wreath Your Chairs
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If you’re determined to decorate every inch of your home, make sure not to forget your dining room chairs. Adding a small wreath or festive bow to the back will give it a nice Christmas touch, adding to the Christmas palace-theme you’re going for.

  1. Gingerbread House
Gingerbread House
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If you want your kitchen to have the same Christmas feel as the rest of your house, bake a gingerbread house that you can leave on display the entire holiday season. Get your entire family involved to make an evening out of it. You’ll love eating the candy you have left over when you’re finished.


Whether you want to go all out or keep your decor more minimalistic, there are tons of ways you can give your space a festive feel. Whether you go for a unique wreath, statement tree, or some simple ornaments, you’re home is bound to look like a scene out of a classic holiday movie.


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